David S. Macri
Business Bio
Born in Connecticut and moved to Florida in 1971
Graduated from Nova Southeastern University 1987
Marketing director for General Development Corp. 1989
Member of the Florida Association of Realtors 1989
Member of National Association of Realtors 1989
Real Estate agent for Paradise Land Investments 1990
Mortgage broker for AAA Financial Corp. 1991
Loan officer for Wallstreet Mortgage Bankers, Inc. 1993
Real Estate agent for General Realty Services 1994
President of Real Estate USA of South Florida, Inc. 1998
Vice-President of Florida Properties Group, Inc. 2002
Managing member of Properties of Central Florida, LLC 2004
Managing member of Florida Properties West Coast, LLC 2004
Managing member of Prime Vacation Properties, LLC 2005
Has been a licensed real estate broker in the State of Florida for 30 years.