Questions & Answers

Q. Is there any time limit on when I have to build ?
A. No, You are not required to build and there is no time limit if you decide to build in the future.

Q. Does all the land on your website have the guaranteed financing?
A. Yes, All of our land has seller financing with guaranteed approval. There are no credit checks, no income checks, and no bank account checks.

Q. How do I reserve or hold a property that I would like to buy?
A. Once you place a down payment on a property, we will then hold the land for you until the paperwork is completed. You may use the buy now button or give us a call. After your down payment has been received, your purchase documents will be mailed to you within 3 days.

Q. If I finance the land, when to I get the deed put in my name?

A. The title company will send you closing documents within 30 days of your initial down payment. After you sign and notarize the final documents the title company will complete your transaction. You will then receive your title policy and a copy of your warranty deed to be recorded the following week.

Q. When do I make my first monthly payment ?

A. Your first payment will not be due until the following month. After your closing documents are completed you will receive payment coupons in the mail. You will also have the option to get set up for automatic payments.

Q. If I pay for the property in full with no financing, do I get a discount?
A. Yes, if you pay in full or pay the loan balance within 6 months, you will get the 10% discount on select properties that we give to builders and realtors.

Q. Will I be notified of any new properties that become available?
A. Yes, If you fill out the entry info form on this website, you will be notified by email of new land deals, special promotions, or vacation contests. You will also receive our free quarterly land brochure mailed to your home.

Q. Do I have to pay a commission, realtor fees, lender fees, or closing costs.
A. No, there are no commissions, realtor fees, or lender fees. If your financing the land with us, there are no upfront transaction fees. The title company closing costs will be from $300-$500. depending the the price of the property.

Q. Are there any pre-payment penalties with your financing?
A. No, there is no pre-payment penalty. You can make extra payments or pay the loan off at any time and there will be no penalties. You will only pay interest for the time you have the loan.

Q. Why is land a better investment than rental properties?
A. Most people think if they have a rental property it will go up in value. It is not the building that goes up in value, it is the land that increases in value. Most buildings depreciate in value while the land gains in price. With land there are no bad tenants to deal with, no attorneys to fight with, no repair problems, no high water bills, no insurance needed, and no high taxes to pay. Most rental owners barely make a monthly profit after they pay all the expenses. You might as well just buy land and hold it long term without all the problems of having a rental property.

Q. If I make a down payment to buy a property and then decide to cancel, can I get a full credit towards a different property?
A. Yes, we will give a full credit of 100% of your down payment towards any other property that you buy on our website. The purpose of making a down payment is to hold the property and insure that the investor completes the transaction.

Q. Why should I use your company to buy land?
A. Our land specialists have over 40 years experience in the real estate business to help you purchase the land of your choice. We are in good standing with all local, state, and federal agencies and have no complaints with the better business bureau. Our company offers flexible no-qualifying finance terms that most other companies don’t provide.

Q. Do I need to come to Florida to sign the closing documents?
A. No, you are not required to come to Florida to sign the closing documents. The transaction documents can be completed through the mail. You are more than welcome to visit the property or our office before you buy the land.